Buyers Beware: Signs of Online Pharmacy Scammers

Websites selling medications half the original price might sound appealing to almost anyone, given the rising medical costs. You can buy the medication without going over your budget. But are the discounted costs worth risking your wellbeing? While the FDA is constantly monitoring websites selling medications in the US, you are responsible for your own choices when buying meds through mail order.

Here are some signs you need to watch out for when buying medications from online pharmacies:

The Pharmacy’s Location and License Don’t Appear on the Website

Online pharmacies are required to have a license in the state where their website is registered; even drugstores offering mail-order medications undergo heavy scrutiny before they can operate in the US. If the location or the license information is missing from the site, the vendor is most likely unregistered and unaccredited by state board of pharmacists.

The Online Drugstore Doesn’t Require Any Prescription

Any reputable pharmacy will request you to send a prescription before you can order from them. Online pharmacies use the prescription as reference for the dosage and the brand of medication recommended by your doctor to avoid negative side effects. Online drugstores that do not require you to submit a prescription are major red flags.

There is No VIPPS Seal

Another criterion for online pharmacies is the presence of a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) Seal from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The seal serves as proof of credibility and quality assurance on the medications offered on the website. Be careful of some online pharmacy scammers that show fake seals. Check the NABP’s website for a full list of certified online drugstores before buying.

There are No Medical Professionals to Consult

Even if they sell medications online, legitimate online pharmacies are required to have licensed medical professionals and pharmacists to assist customers during inquiries. They answer questions about prescriptions and provide additional information on available medication.

Do not be fooled by big discounts; your health is more important than any special deal out there. Get more information about online pharmacy scammers from We’d be more than glad to show you what a legitimate online drugstore is all about.